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Tin & Lead

Babbitt Alloys -  All Alloys are tested for tin, antimony, lead, copper, iron, bismuth, zinc, aluminum and cadmium to ensure you are using a product that meets ASTM B-23 & SAE specifications. Tinning compound, flux & thinners are also available.

Pewter Alloys - We manufacture a wide selection of Pewter Alloys for the artist, hobbyist or large firms. Whether you are doing detailed spincasting or using wooden molds we have the right Pewter Alloys for your casting needs.

Cerro Alloys - At Purity we manufacture a wide selection of Cerro Alloys such as Cerrotru and Cerrobend. These are sometimes also known as Fusible or Low-melt Alloys. All are low melting temperature alloys that contain bismuth, lead, tin, cadmium or indium.

Custom alloys are our specialty. Let us know what you need!

Babbitts, Pewters & Cerro Alloys: Products
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